Thank you for visiting my personal site.

In the beginning, this was a blogging experiment and a way to level up my personal branding and online web presence.  Now it’s, evolved.  Today, it feels more like a mix between a journal, portfolio, and an adult coloring book.  It’s personal, professional, patient, fun, and ever-evolving.  What you’ll find on this site is a collection of stories, experiences, thoughts, images, videos, and other streams of consciousness from my life.  Enjoy!

The Piggyback Spartan Race

The Tale of the Piggyback Spartan Race ——— click image to read story

The American Ninja Warrior Experience

American Ninja Warrior Season 8
American Ninja Warrior Season 8 adventures ——— #FSHDNinja

The Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal
A Gratitude Journal ——— click image if you feel grateful